Eugene Rosen

As my odometer clicked slowly but ever so surely into my late sixties, I attributed all the aches and pains that I experienced to getting older. A muscle injury which occurred while shoveling mulch prompted a visit to osteopath Dr. Lisa Preston. The pain,after gentle non-invasive treatment,soon disappeared with very few treatments AND other minor ailment muscle and joint aches also disappeared. Osteopathy under the gentle guidance of Dr. Preston turned my odometer back. Thank you Dr. Preston for helping me feel strong and alive and appreciative of the natural healing of the body.

Anna Dawkins

I took my son to the osteopath when he had a flat head at 10 weeks old. Many of my British friends took their babies to the osteopath when they are born as a matter of course. My son smiled and slept through his treatments and his head returned to a regular shape.

When I had lower back pain and no option to stop picking up my two small children I again returned to the osteopath. After a month of treatment (while continuing to pick up my small children) my back was better and six months later my back remained pain free.  The treatment was painless and I always left feeling relaxed.
I can not recommend osteopathy and Dr Preston highly enough. 


Traditional Osteopathy and IFS (Internal Family Systems) Therapy 


Vital Balance Osteopathy