Traditional Osteopathy and IFS (Internal Family Systems) Therapy 

Vital Balance Osteopathy

Lisa Preston, DO

This brought a question to her mind, " can the way we think make us sick?" She felt compelled to study the mind in greater depth and found a psychotherapy that she felt could address negative thought patterns (and reactive behavior) in a complete and profound way. She became certified in Internal Family Systems (IFS) and believes that if there is a way that our thoughts and emotions can make us sick, then this is a way to undo those damaging patterns and create health. Put another way, "If you believe in karma, then this can probably clear your karma."

Dr. Preston provides education, support, and resources to her patients until they achieve optimal health. She achieves her own personal wellness through NUTRITIOUS MOVEMENT and meditation practices. 

Lisa Preston, DO is considered an advanced osteopath in the field, who has trained with the best physicians in the country. She graduated from the New York College of Osteopathic Medicine (NYCOM) in 2003, as an OMM Fellow, and completed her residency training in emergency medicine and internal medicine at Cristiana Health Care System in 2009. 

Dr. Preston's success in treating patients with osteopathy, combined with her frustrations with the western medical approach to chronic disease and musculoskeletal problems led her to a career in osteopathy. 

While treating patients she became fascinated with how the mind and body function. At times harmonious, and other times seemingly the mind and body were at war. Patients spoke about their inner turmoil and she could feel the specific effects this had on the body while her hands were on her patients.